Friday, April 6, 2012

Embossing Folder Fun

I love embossing folders.  LOVE THEM.  I tried really, really hard to stay away from purchasing, but, obviously, I caved and am so glad I did.  There is so much that they can do.  I am going to share but a few with you today.  I would love to see what YOU come up with!  All of the folders I have used were purchased from SCACD.

First, emboss on cardstock with a white or color core then sand the design. I have sanded a portion so you can see the way it makes it stand out.

Inking folders and designs is a great way to use your folders. Here I have inked the raised portion of the folder.

This is the cardstock after being run through the folder. The ink is transferred to the white cardstock.

With this one I inked the side of the embossing folder that has the dips of the design in it.

This is kraft cardstock after. See the way the design just 'pops'?

I couldn't resist adding some shimmer to the keys with the Metallic Rub-ons. This picture shows the shimmer.

These Metallic Rub-Ons are amazing. Super fun to play with. Be certain you pick some up.

Since we are talking about adding things after the paper has been embossed, this is with rubbing the ink over the embossed kraft cardstock to help the design show up better. It also creates a look of more depth to the embossing.

Now- for one of my favorites things to do......

After embossing the acetate, rub the raised portion with StaZon ink. If you get some in the wrong spot, a bit of rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab will clean it up for you.

Now, grab those gorgeous Luminarte Silks you bought from SCACD.  Pick a couple of colors you like the way they look together, or just want to play with.  I used Harvest Sol, Vavoom Red and Guatemalan Green.

Flip the acetate over so you are working on the backside without the black ink.  Randomly sponge on the Luminate Silks and allow to dry.

This has a fun stained glass look when placed against a white background.  Where you really see how amazing this is when you put it against a dark color or metallic background.

This is with a black background.  Isn't it stunning?  The shimmer is just so visible.

Don't forget that SCACD has a couple of other products that do amazing things with embossing folders.  The metallic papers, Precious Metals foils

There are so many more things I want to show you, but this post is long enough already. I hope you are just itching to play with the embossing folders. Don't forget to look at the selection and variety SCACD carries. I have never seen some of these folders anyplace else!

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Tammy Ortiz said...

These are such great ideas. thanks so much for sharing. I am on this one.

Lorraine said...

Awesome tutorial, Alex! Can't wait to play with my embossing folders now! You go girl!

Kathi said...

Great tutorial Alex.

I love, Love, LOVE the one using acetate. I'm going to try that one for sure!!!

Sid Shah said...

I just want to say, its awesome, I like the way you explain all detail and love the style of your writing. Really you have made my day.

Thanks for giving me a place to spend my free time in a good way.

Sid Shah

Linda Vich said...

What is the name of the embossing folder with the keys? Who makes it? I didn't find it on the website you mentioned.

Linda Vich said...

Loved these ideas!

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