Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Time to have some SCACD FUN!!!

New release coming soon!!!

Carmen Medlin for SCACD

Reflections Fantasy 
Reflections Yesteryear 

2 "Just Because" stamps- Carolyn's Bonsai and The Topiary

Release day Friday, November 18th!!!

Mark your calendars!!!

Blog Candy Info Below!!!

Happy November everyone!!! 

It's time once again for an amazing stamp release at SCACD!!! This month we have 2 stunning collections and 2 additional stamps designed by the talented Carmen Medlin for SCACD!!!

The first ~ Reflections Fantasy has 4 magical stamps in the set and 2 bonus stamps available only when you purchase the entire set, plus a sweet discount only when you buy the complete set.

The second ~ Reflections Yesteryear , has 4 timeless beautiful stamps in the set and 1 bonus stamp available only when you purchase the entire set, plus a sweet discount only when you buy the complete set.

We could not resist previewing two other sweet stamps, Carolyn's Bonsai and The Topiary, these are a total touch of class.

All of these will be available to purchase on Friday, November 18th at 4 am EST so be sure to mark your calendars!!!


Sneak Peek Info!!!

Starting today we will be sharing some sneak peeks of these amazing stamps on this post only so be sure to visit each day!!!

There will still be 2 stamps not shown during the sneak peeks so please be sure to come hop with the amazing SCACD DT on Friday, November 18th so you don't miss a thing!!!

Here are our sneaks for Thursday! Don't forget to join us tomorrow for the blog hop to see the 2 stamps not shown!!!

Lorraine is sharing a stamp from Reflections Yesteryear, The Victorian.

Kim is sharing a stamp from Reflections Fantasy, Her Caged Heart.

Lori is sharing a stamp from the Reflections Fantasy, Butterfly Dreams.

Melanie is sharing a stamp from Reflections Yesteryear, The Beauty.

Our last sneak today is from Crystal, sharing an Carolyn's Bonsai.

Today we have Danni sharing a stamp from Reflections Fantasy, Lotus Blossom. Isn't she divine!!!

We had another change in the SCACD DT so just a quick update – Elaine Hughes a long time Designer with SCACD and a super friend is leaving. We will miss her, though she still will be popping in as a guest when time allows. I wish her nothing but success!!!

SCACD is especially honored to be introducing the newest SCACD sister the fabulous, Donalda who happens to also be previewing a stamp from Reflections Yesteryear, The Regency.

For our last sneak peek today we have Alex sharing one of the "Just Because" stamps, The Topiary. What a versatile stamp!!!

For our International Friends Quixotic Paperie will also have these stamps available to purchase on Friday, November 18th!!!

***Blog Candy is Now CLOSED**

Blog Candy Info!!!

November 15-November 17

We also have some FUN Blog Candy to give away!!! We are giving away one Reflections Fantasy to one lucky winner as well as one Reflections Yesteryear  to another lucky winner!!! As a special bonus a third winner will get Carolyn’s Bonsai and The Topiary!!!

To enter for the blog candy, please answer the following question on this post only. Only one comment per person-please!! ~

Thanksgiving is fast approaching here in the United States, what is the most unusual side dish you've ever had with your Thanksgiving dinner??

***Please note you need to come back to the store blog on the 17th to see if you have won!!! You will need to claim your prize within one week or a new winner will be chosen!!!***

The blog candy will close at 8:00 pm (PST) on Thursday, November 17th and the winners will be chosen and announced before 10:00pm (PST) via random.org!!

We can't wait to share the beauty of these collections from this release with you and we know you're going to love them!

As most of you know, Customers are more like Friends at SCACD and I, as well as my Designers am always most thankful for your kindness!!!

Huge Hearts and Hugs & Happy Holidays!!!



alethea said...

I am from australia so don't celebrate thanksgiving but when I was there 10 years ago We had yams and marshmallows which I found really unusual! Love the new images!!!!! HUgsxx!!

Art Stamps said...

wow beautiful projects...i love to see them again and again and much more....

Trina said...

My family always has traditional thanksgiving dinner, and we rarely gout to nonfamiliy's for major holidays. So, I don't have anything really unusual. My godsister's mom puts eggs in her dressing. I thought that was weird the first time I had it... (I love it, though, even with the liver she adds...)

Shannin said...

Good morning. Love your question about unusual side dishes at thanks giving. Every years my great grandmother ( god bless her) always made a Tuna Jello. Let me tell you... this is DISGUSTING but no one had the heart to tell her. This jello is made with unflavored gelatin, tuna, carrots, the green olives with the red thngs in the middle and peanuts. YUCK!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.


Vanja said...

Hello! I don't celebrate Thanksgiving, but I hope I can still participate. One of the things that I baked and liked and I think would be nice for thanksgiving, too, is Pumpkin Bread.

Thanks for a chance to win and happy Thanksgiving! :)


Carla S. said...

The new release peeks look gorgeous! Can't wait to see the whole release! The most unusual thing we've had as a side dish for Thanksgiving is scalloped oysters (although it's maybe not that unusual in New England)!

Iris said...

Ooooh sounds like a stunning release and the sneak peeks are all gorgeous!

Hmmmm this is a good question. I'm originally from Germany so I don't have old family traditions regarding Thanksgiving but we love to celebrate it the traditional way with turkey and all the trimmings. But I always change my sides and I once had maple glazed parsnips and also a roasted acorn squash filled with cornbread stuffing. At least these were sides I've never had before. ;-)


paperfun said...

While overseas, we invited everyone who worked for my husband to our home. One of the guests was from Thailand and she brought some weird noodle dish. It was nice to have a "family" gathering so far from home.


Barbara Colbert said...

I have to tell you since I've been doing the Thanksgiving feast for the family for MANY years...we pretty much have the same "goodies". We have tried to suggest that the menu be changed...BUT always someone says THAT is my favorite!!! So I guess the most unusual is I make a special stuffing for my brother-in-law that has oysters on it! He LOVES it...and he and one other eat it! Needless to say...IT is NOT a WHOLE BIG pan of stuffing! Just a little one!

Darla said...

Shannin, that sound really YUCK alright. the most unusual side dish I have had was a pork and bean casserole - for the vegetarians joining the dinner. I'll keep my turkey thankyou.

Denimo said...

Hmmmm... good question! Actually, we're very traditional when it comes to Thanksgiving, but this year I'm taking a new side dish I just found... Sweet Potatoes with Apples & Cranberries. I'm making it tonight just to be sure it's good 'nuff for family!! Thanks for the yummy candy!

Tina Gilliland said...

Ok now the whole Tuna Jello sounds REALLY nasty!!! Sorry Shannin! LOL. We are pretty traditional as well but I think the nastiest thing I made was for my father-in-law, oyster dressing!!! NO I didn't even try it .... Just the look of those things made me gag! But it seems lots of people love it. The other weird BUT GOOD thing someone made was a jello dish with strawberries, cream cheese, jello and pretzels. It LOOKED bad but was actually very tasty.

tiya-b.com said...

Although thet doent taste unusual i think my Thanksgiving cream puffs with pumpkin filling that are shaped like turkeys are the most unusual in shape(like the cream puff swans only turkeys)

Carol's Crafts said...

I guess the strangest dish we ever had for Thanksgiving was some dressing made by my Niece's Mother. I don't know what was in it, but it sure didn't taste like our good old southern dressing that I grew up with.

Shazza said...

I'm from the UK so don't celebrate Thanksgiving. Love the cards, sorry to see Elaine leave x

BMXMOM said...

I love the new stamps! Hmmmm I have several weird experiences.
My weird side dish for thanks giving would have to be this weird cassarole my sister in law made one year. I think she cleaned out her refrigerator. It had green beans, broccoli, cheese, bread crumbs, mushrooms an something else maybe the bread crumbs where crackers. Then my mother in law used Lipton instant onion soup mix an would poured it over the turkey. The best was the rolls someone brought one yr. and they had moled on them. And the expired date on the 2 liters. YUK. LOL.

Scrap2day said...

One year my husband insisted in duck..now to you this may not be unusual but to me (who eats traditional Turkey) this was way unsual and way way yucky!

bluucaca said...

Very cute stamps love them. The most unusal thing i have had for Thanksgiving would be Tuna rolls don't ask. They where awful.

Lillie said...

I really like the Reflections Yesteryear, The Regency. Very Nice!

I grew up from puerto rican(hispanic ) family and tradition is to serve yellow rice mixed with pigeon peas. It's a must to have that rice served with a holiday dinner. My daughter, and husband thinks it's weird to make that dish with a traditional turkey dinner. By the way it's really good!

Cheryl Walker said...

Love the cards and the stamps :) sooo cute!!!!

For many many years in our family we have a dish that my great grandmother use to make, its lime jello, pineapple,carrots,celery and pineapple juice, its the best!!!! We have it for Thanksgiving and Christmas


Linda Palmer said...

My family always has a traditional dinner, no unusual dishes. I love the sneak peeks and can't wait to see the entire sets.

Patricia said...

Love the creations! I can't wait for the release of these stamps! The most unusual dish I ever had for Thanksgiving is Tuna Casserole. YUCK!That is SO not a dish for Thanksgiving, or any other meal, in my opinion! LOL :)

Tanya said...

WOW lovin' the creations! Our family is pretty traditional when it comes to Thanksgiving but one year I was too sick to eat anything so I ended up having chicken noodle soup :(

Donna said...

I think the most unusual side dish we've ever had at Thanksgiving dinner was chicken liver stuffing. I love stuffing but not with liver in it. Yuck!

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

Enchillidas. Well, that's not usual for us for Thanksgiving, but they were good!
Thanks for a chance to win!

Jean said...

We always eat the whole traditional dishes, southern style. So I was somewhat taken back when my daughter brought a big casserole dish of mac n cheese and hot dogs. Said that is all her kids would eat... Now I know that is a southern dish, but not for Thanksgiving, but we had it on the table and guess what, the boys didn't eat any, they ate turkey, homemade noodles, gravey, peas, cranberry, stuffing, the whole works... funny... but we had fun...

ifaa said...

Hello! I don't celebrate Thanksgiving, but I hope I can still participate. I think it could be nice for thanksgiving dinner to eat Potatos,rice and corn Bread.
Thanks for a chance to win and happy Thanksgiving! :)


Larisa said...

Sorry, we do not celebrate Thanksgiving in Russia. I wish I could see this holiday oneday to know all the traditions about.
Can I take part in this candy? Love these wonderful cards!! Gorgeous cards with beautiful image. Love . Larisa

Ardilla said...

I'm originally from Argentina, so here we don´t celebrate it, but when I was invited for american friends, for me was unusual the cranberry sauce, I found it delicious!!! I know that is traditional... but for me is really unusual. And the other thing, is the pumpkin pie, once there were fifteen different pies and everybody asked me to try their own!!!!

slbela59 said...

Love the new stamps!! I a true southern traditional Thanksgiving day girl, so no unusual foods for us! thanks for the chance to win.

Kristie said...

I can't say that I've ever had an unusual side dish at Thanksgiving. My family is very traditional when it comes to our turkey dinner :0)

LOVE the new release!! The stamps shown so far have been showcased fabulously by the Design Team!

Juke from UK said...

We are in the UK but we use any excuse to have a Family get together for a Happy event. My Daughter was cooking for us all last year. But we were shocked to find that we had Smarties as a side dish, I think they are the equivalent to M&M's you have in USA. The reason was that Charley her 2 year old son was learning colours and he was going through a stage that he had to have them with all his main meals. (It was to encourage him to eat vegetables his Mum explained to us all). So we all played along with the game for Charley. Thankfully he has out grown this phase, he loves vegetables especially peas, (I think this is because they are round like smarties) and he knows all his colours and has fun helping me select the right Copic colours when he visits me in my craft room. Looking back it was a really great thanks giving get together that I'm sure we will all remember because of the coloured smarties !!!
Thank you for the chance to win.

Ayelet said...

I'm from Israel, so don't celebrate thanksgiving. Since in Israel people came from different cultures, there is no food that is unusual...
LOVE the new stamps :)

Kim Kelley said...

Some years we will do ham for Thanksgiving to shake it up. But last year we had a sooo non traditional Thanksgiving---all finger foods: shrimp, chicken fingers, wings, potato skins. So that is probably the weirdest we ever had. Loving the new release!

Kim Kelley said...

Some years we will do ham for Thanksgiving to shake it up. But last year we had a sooo non traditional Thanksgiving---all finger foods: shrimp, chicken fingers, wings, potato skins. So that is probably the weirdest we ever had. Loving the new release!

Becky Dunham said...

Hmmm, I don't know if I have ever had anything unusual for Thanksgiving - we are pretty traditional in my family. A couple of years ago, my sister made mashed sweet potatoes which was a first for us - we always had the candied yams growing up which I was not too fond of, but now we have a standing order for the mashed sweet potatoes :) Thanks for the chance to win these gorgeous stamps!

rebeccadunham at hotmail dot com

Rhonda Miller said...

These are lovely. Thanks for a chance. I would have to say the year my sister brought chicken enchiladas to go with our turkey we pretty unusual.

Karen Wilson said...

Great release so far! Can't wait to see more sneak peaks. Being from Ontario, we had our Thanksgiving in Oct - but the most unusual side dish for me was the whole darn dinner!! My family is very traditional when it comes to Thanksgiving and in 2007, hubby decided we were moving our Florida vacation up a week and I tried my darndest to get him to wait till after Thanksgiving, but there was no way he and the kids were waiting, so off we went. We stopped at Denny's on Thanksgiving Day so you can just imagine how I was feeling. Needless to say, I cried through my entire dinner of NON TRADITIONAL Thanksgiving Dinner while I knew my family was in their warm cozy homes having turkey, ham, turnip...boy, was hubby in the bad books that wknd!!! But we did have an amazing 3 week vacation!!!!

Kati said...


we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Germany, but on christmas day we eat turkey filled with pistachios. Last year, the pistachio tasted burnt.


Cathy F said...

I wish I could add something unusual that our family has had but we ALWAYS have the same traditional dinner and I would not have it any other way. Thanks for a chance to win one of these lovely new stamps.

Wendy - AKA Mrs. B said...

Well, we would all gather at Gram's house in San Jose... we'd all have a "list" (little one's playing, a bit older polishing silver, a bit older making sure no spots seen on the glassware, etc, and olders cooking). My mother's sister, Auntie Paula, would always arrive just before the meal, arms loaded with Kentucky fried chicken! :) We never questioned her motives, but we'll always have the memory of the striped red bucket of 'finger lick'n good in it's place right next to the Turkey - and never any leftover :)

Babe O'Mara said...

I can't think of anything unusual I ever made, but one year my girlfriends sister made what looked like a pumpkin pie. It was suppose to be healthy, but tasted horrible. Made with carrots, tofu, parsnips, and some unknown ingredients, the pastry was whole wheat, and wheat germ. Again, awful. Don't mess with Libby's pumpkin pie recipe on the can. It's perfect.


Julia said...

Love the new stamps, they are always so wonderful.
I think it was a great day, but we had lobster, crabs, shrimp, oysters, & various fish. Different, but I think it is the celebration of the day that counted of our ancestors.
I think the jello with tuna has got to be the ?? well, worst side.lol

Good-luck everyone!!

Kathi said...

The sneak peeks are all so very tempting and your team did an amazing job with them! They're all very talented.

Um. We do a fairly traditional Thanksgiving. We had a guest bring Tofurkey once because she was vegetarian.

People think my cranberry sauce is weird because it has horseradish and onions in it and cooks in the freezer, but it's delish!!!!!

***The word verification is tummmun!" Sort of appropriate when talking about foods for my tummmmm um. :D

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

We have only had the normal stuff so I can't say I have ever had anything unusual for Thanksgiving! Maybe I should freak everyone out this year and make something unusual!! LOL!

Hlora said...

Oh, Thanksgiving! I know it is a tradition to cook the turkey for this.. I would like ro try it at least.. we do not have this holiday at all in this country. I have to go to America to enjoy it..
hugs. Hlora. xx

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