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Release, Blog Hop, Blog Candy &
Facebook Information Below
Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

I cannot believe we are in the home stretch of the holiday season!!! Unfortunately in California it is hard to see the changing of the seasons except when I go from short sleeves to ¾ sleeves brrrrrr hee hee :o) I know we are ALL busy trying to work and prepare for one of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving!!! I have a lot to be thankful for and feel truly blessed with the family I have, my dear DT aka Sisters to me for sure, the BEST customers any store owner could ask for, and health :o) It does not take much to be happy really family and friends are what it is all about, though crafty products never hurt :o) My holiday wish for everyone is that the economy gets stronger so family providers are able to continue to work or find work so their families can feel safe and comfortable once again :o) When it does turn around remember those that are still struggling and reach out as every little bit helps!!!

A special THANKS to Kim Gruetzmacher taking on Co-Lead Designer at the store while Suzanne is winging her way around the country teaching Copics and hunkering down for some Holiday time off.

STORE HOURSSCACD store will be closed (and not shipping) for the Thanksgiving holiday from noon on Nov. 24th through Nov. 26th. The store reopens at 8AM California time on Nov. 27th
SCACD ON FACEBOOK!!!OK I took the leap and the store is joining Facebook. I think this will be a better, faster and FUN way for me to communicate with you ALL though on BIG Events I will still email.

HOWEVER IF YOU WANT:*FIRST notice of New Products
*SCACD Monday's for Facebook Only Sales (FYI It could be one item or a whole category on sale – WOO HOO)
*Surprise Facebook (Just Because) Candy and you never know when
*Special Sales, lots of information and lots of fun!!!
You definitely want to be a part of this and sign up HERE!!!

There is SNOW place like SCACD for the Holidays Stamp Release!!!

***Victoria Case for SCACD Mini Winter Hearts and Hugs Set***

***Elisabeth Bell for SCACD Mini Winter Sampler***

Join the SCACD DT in a Blog Hop where you can see these Brand New Beauties!
Here is the Blog Hop Order in case you get lost:

Before you go off to purchase the NEW SCACD Stamps CHECK OUT THIS DEAL!!!

THE DEAL IS ONLY AT THE SCACD STORE!!!Between the 15th thru the 19th if you purchase any Exclusive SCACD Stamp Set you will receive a FREE stamp of my choosing that could be from ANY of that Artist's released sets. For example, if you purchase an Elisabeth Bell for SCACD Stamp Set you will receive ONE Elisabeth Bell for SCACD stamp of my choosing. If you purchase multiple Exclusive SCACD Stamp Sets you will receive ONE free stamp for each set purchased. Since the Carmen for SCACD is just a single set if you purchase this set you will get ONE stamp of my choosing as well.
How FUN is that!!!

See my International Stores Quixotic Paperie in Europe HERE and Art Du Scrapbooking in Canada HERE for your SCACD stamping needs.

There is SNOW place like SCACD for the Holidays - BLOG CANDYStarts September 15th thru the 19th 6pm EST
Where is the Candy???2 Chances to win!!!
One chance at the Store Blog (Here) and Another chance at My Fan Page at Facebook HERE – YAYYYY!!!

What do you get to win!!!

Well at the Store Blog a chance for the Epiphany Shape tool and 1 pack of bubble accessories and at the Facebook Fan page a chance for Epiphany Flower button maker and 1 pack of Flower buttons. It does not stop there each of the 2 winners will be able to choose from my large assortment of 6 x 6 paper pads – ONE paper pad of their choice – Could you just faint hee hee

How Can You Enter?Now to enter all you need to do is leave a comment ON THIS POST then go to the SCACD Facebook Fan Page HERE starting November 15 and answer the featured questioned by November 19th 5:30pm EST. Please one entry per person on this Post Only.
What are you Thankful for this year?

The winners will be announced on the 19th at 6pm EST

A HUGE THANKS for ALL the support and love shown to me and my store!!! I wish you nothing but the BEST for the Holidays and the NEW YEAR!!!

Big Hearts and Hugs


Laura Love said...

I love the new mini sets! Too cute! I am glad that you are getting a facebook fanpage - all ready sign ed up! Yay! Thanks for the chance to win! Happy Holidays!

Susan said...

I am thankful for my two healthy daughters and my job which provides us with a roof over our heads.

AShu93 said...

I am thankful that my little brother found a wonderful woman to marry & I have a new sister-in-law.

Lelia Pierce said...

These are some uber cute new designs! Love them! Thanks for the chance(s) at the yummy candy, Susana!

I'm thankful for so many things, but above all for my wonderful family. I love them to pieces and don't know where I'd be without them and their support! ♥


Melissa Bove (SCS ~ Melissa1872) said...

All these stamps are simply adorable!! Love them!! Happy Holidays!

kimsparks636 said...

I am thankful for my family, Always. This year we have the first baby in our immediate family, my beautiful niece Alyssa. She has brought so much joy!!

Renkata said...

wow this two cuties are just adorable. oooppppsss again something new on my wish list , hehehe I love it.
Your question is just like my post today , almost :) hey we think almost the same.
I am thankful fo so many just a few then. For my lovely Mama how are always beside me, for my family for my friends. For the amazing people whish I meet everyday thru the blogging.
Just Thank you to all people how touch my live.

Shazza said...

love these new sets. Have joined your FB page and answered the questions. I am thankful for my family and for crafting which keeps me sane when the boys get a bit too much!!

puffinliz said...

I love the new stamps! wish I could afford to take advantage of your great special...but, I am thankful to have a great family, some special friends, and an especially wonderful and understanding husband!

Janet said...

Most importantly, I am thankful for my dear husband and two sons... BUT, personally, I am thankful that I found copic markers last month. :-)
Thanks for all you do!

Good Kardma by Jules said...

I am thankful for the health of my furbaby and mother and also for a nice roof over my head.

Gorgeous sample cards and adorable stamps, as usual! Thanks for the chances to win!

Lorraine said...

I am always thankful for my family & friends. This year, I'm also thankful for the papercrafting community. Such a creative, uplifting, inspiring community! Okay, off to visit the store and figure out facebook, lol.

Pattie said...

I am thankful for my my beautiful family, but also for my many friends...all of them!

Paula S. said...

I am thankful for my wonderful family, our health, and all of our terrific friends.

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

I am thankful for the necessities of life and so much more!!

Also thankful for a chance to win this great candy! :)

jan farnworth said...

love all the new stuff and i am thankful that i am alive.

Shazza said...

love the new releases, am off to hop x

JoAnne said...

I am thankful for so much but especially that my husband's cancer is still responding to chemo. His terminal diagnosis with an expected survival of 6-8 months was 3 years and 2 months ago! He is still doing pretty well and we are enjoying our first grandchild and excited about the second grandchild that is on the way!

I love this craft and all the wonderful, creative ladies, like you!, that share their talents with me. I appreciate it so much.

JoAnne said...

Always fun to see the new items and what this wonderful design team comes up with!

Mari Harpham said...

I love both sets.

I am thankful for a change to win such great prizes!!!

I am also grateful for my family.

alienanessa said...

Thank you so much for the fantastic blog candy (as usual), Susana!!

This year I am grateful that, despite a move away from the kids' old school, they are loving the new one more (they swore it wouldn't happen LOL) and impressing the holy heck out of their teachers! Yay!

Cammy said...

These new stamps are adorable. I'm so thankful for my children and their contagious laughter and happiness, along with the support and love of my husband.

Patricia St Martin said...

All of the new stes are really nice. The girls did a wonderful jon on all the the cards, they are outstanding.

Vanja said...

Beautiful stamps! Love them all!
I am thankful for my family.
Happy Holidays!
hugs, Vanja

Brenda Lee said...

I've been putting off joining've talked me into joining!!! LOL!! I'm most thankful for my family....without them, I'd be lost. Thank you!! And Happy Holidays to everyone.

♥Rach♥ said...

I'm SUPER thankful that I just heard my dad has a very promising job interview tomorrow! This is a true blessing because he's been out of work since March :0)

SassyCricut said...

I am SO THANKFUL that my doctors have been able to control my Lupus and give me more time with my daughter.. This has been a HUGE concern of mine that I would not be able to see her grow up... So I am EXTREMELY THANKFUL for talented, knowledgeable doctors and my supportive family..

Linda Carson said...

I'm thankful my Mom is downsizing! Where do they get all that junk??

Sharron aka Sharrahug said...

I am so very thankful for my family. Part of my family (my daughter & 2 granddaughters) live with my hubby & I here in southern California. One son lives in NY with his wife & another son lives with friends. We are a very close knit family with lots of love, laughs & just plain sillyness. LOL I am ever so grateful that we are all pretty much in our right minds (yeah, most of us are employed (PTL) & we are all reasonably healthy. Who could ask for more?

Thanks for the chance to win such awesome candy!!!

Huggies ~ Sharron♥

scalder said...

Wow, what generous candy. Love the new stamp sets. Thankful--I am thankful for great friends and family who support me and lighten my load:) God bless each and every one of you!!

Tanya R said...

I am thankful that both my girls are doing well in school. Grade 1 was a big change for my eldest, and my youngest started JK. I am thankful we are all healthy and that my husband and I are capable of taking care of our family.

Anonymous said...

I am thankful for my God, my family, and my friends.
shirlwilson [at] comcast [dot] net

Mae said...

You are the best Susana and don't you forget it!!! All the love and friendship you offer everyone is a great gift and we all appreciate it more than anything! Thanks for all you do for us and are on Facebook! I am so proud of you. :)

A Scrap Above said...

I love all these new stamps! Simply beautiful!
I am a new follower on this blog and also a fan on your new facebook, this is going to be fun!!
Well I am tankful for God, and my family, no matter what comes our way, we are still a happy family!
TFS and a chance to win
Bonnie C
ascrapabove at aol dot com

sharman said...

I am thankful for still hving my husband after suffering a life threating illness and him being out of comission for 3 years. I am also thankful for getting to communicate wil all of you talented women of the stmp world. Being introduced to Copics is just awesome..Costly but AWESOME.....They make me soooo happy......

sucor said...

I love the new stamps! I am thankful for the healthy arrival of our granddaughter! Thank you for a chance to win!
sucor_2 at

theCook said...

Beautiful Winter stamp release!

Joanna McDonald said...

I'm most thankful for the good
health my husband & I have had
this year - closing in on 70 very
quickly! I just bought 2 of elizabeth bells' stamps yesterday!
They are precious.

Gina L said...

hey, Susana. Wow, when I ordered Elisabeth Bell's mini winter set, I had no idea about the deal. I was just so enamored with the stamps that I had to have them. So, let's see...what I'm thankful for...well, my husband passed away last year. I'm trying to keep an upbeat attitude and thinking about the blessings I have left helps with that. In fact, I just blogged about one of them a few days ago. I am thankful for very supportive, loving, helpful neighbors. The family that lives next door to me rocks! Oh, and I can't do the facebook thing. I'm still a dinosaur and don't have a FB account. LOL

Lisa F said...

I'm thankful to be back in Alaska. it was TOO hot and hard to enjoy the holidays last year! I need to place an order soon - and I'm now a fan on facebook too!

Ashley Nguyen Newell said...

I'm really thankful for my kids and all the joy they bring! I adore that they make every holiday so much more special!

Sharon in Arizona said...

I have so much to be thankful for, but first of all I am thankful for my Lord in Heaven who gave me life and for my Savior Jesus Christ. I have been blessed with a loving husband, children, grandchildren, family and a home and food on the table. And I am thankful for ALL my stamping friends that I meet on the internet. Thank you Susana for this great opportunity at some yummy blog candy. Hugs, Sharon :o)

Mette said...

I am thankful that my family have all stayed in good health (apart from my 4 yo breaking her arm) and that we continue to support and love each other even through some difficult moments. As my son said to me this morning "Mum, I know I can always trust you to be there for me" - touched my heart to hear my 18 yo son say that but he's right.

Hugs, Mette

Meg said...

I love the new set! Beautiful! I am so thankful for my hubby and daughter, who bring me joy everyday!

dstandard said...

Always thankful for my family and good health. Also for this week that I got to spend with my daughter who lives so far away.

Irene said...

I am thankful that my family is in good health, I have been blessed with a loving husband, child, and people who helps me in my difficult moments.

Hugs Irene

Betty said...

I am thankful for wonderful family and friends who make me a better person by being in my life.

Love the new images!

msfreida said...

Such fabulous new stamp sets! Thanks for the inspiration from the gorgeous cards too! :)

Always thankful for my family and good health, but also for this creative outlet where I can escape the problems of the outside world and drift into a place of my own! Ahhh, serenity!

Thanks for a chance to win!
freida38801 at yahoo dot com

Moni said...

FAb mini set, and thanks for the chance.
I am thankful for my family. Hugs,moni

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