Thursday, October 14, 2010

TIOT - Fall Gift challenge

Nothing says Halloween and Fall more than a skull.  Unless of course the skull is a sugar skull sometimes called a Calavera (actually the Spanish word for skull).  These are used to celebrate the Day of the Dead which truly is a celebration and usually involves lots of eating and partying.  It occurs on Nov. 2nd so often people don't realize it and Halloween are actually 2 different holidays.  Real sugar skulls are made of sugar and decorated.   I am not THAT talented and would prefer to not make a new one each year.

I got special permission to make my own skull for TIOT and it is a fall gift to ME!  Thanks Susana!!!

My sugar skull was created using a paper mache skull picked up at a local craft store, stored in my "to alter someday" supplies for longer than I can remember and then painted white with acrylic paints.  After the paint dried, I used stamps, Crafters' Workshop stencils, a pencil (and a great big pink eraser for the do overs) to create some guidelines for the designs to decorate the skull.
Then the fun began!  Grabbing every color of Viva Decor Glitter Liners and Pearl Liners I have from SCACD I began to select which color went where and go over the designs. Because I have a tendency to put fingers in to anything that needs to dry, I did a small portion at a time.  Usually I wouldn't figure out that would be the preferred method until AFTER I had ruined some portion of it so bonus points for me! 
Since I don't have any Viva Decor in red (a problem soon to be remedied) I decided to use silver on the teeth.  Most of the images I have seen for Sugar Skulls have the mouth outlined and the teeth defined.  However, once I saw it this way, it looked so much like braces ,or a mouth stapled shut (now Moms, don't tell me there aren't days you dreamed about being able to do that) I decided to just leave it.  One of the very best things about this is the dimension from the Viva Decor.  Without that aspect this would not be nearly as cool.  I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE VIVA DECOR!

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