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Walking On Sunshine Release by Elisabeth Bell
For SCACD Stamp Co.

April 30th Release!!!

***Blog Candy Information Below***

The Happiest of April Everyone!!!

Are you all walking on Sunshine? If not you soon will be :o)

This soon to be released collection is designed by the Fabulous talents of Elisabeth Bell for SCACD Stamp Co. I would say I think but I know this Sampler Edition #4 which I lovingly refer to as Walking On Sunshine recalls childhood memories or will take you back to moments watching your own child grow. Elisabeth has once again sparked her beautiful artistry to come up with these images sure to warm the heart!!! If you want hints think of day dreaming as a child, the wonder of colors and someone trying to grow up before they are ready to name a few :o) So mark your calendars for April 30th when the stamps will be available for purchase.

Don’t forget to join the DT (led by the Fab Suzanne Dean) who will be doing a Blog Hop on the 130th to show case the stamps :o) along with our wonderful Guest Designers Susana Boyd and Jacquie Heffner.

Walking on Sunshine - BLOG CANDY
Starts April 25th

So I wanted to take a different spin on the Blog Candy :o) I didn’t want just one winner I want to better those odds!!! So since “Just Because” makes me happy and I heart Blog Candy this Candy is BEYOND YUMMY!!!

4 Prizes for 4 People:

*One person will win one sheet of the Elisabeth Bell for SCACD Sampler #1
*One person will win one sheet of the Elisabeth Bell for SCACD Sampler #2
*One person will win one sheet of the Elisabeth Bell for SCACD Sampler #3
*One person will win one sheet of the Elisabeth Bell for SCACD Sampler #4

How Can You Enter?
I think I am going to faint how’s that for Blog Candy fun??? So now I got to keep topping myself LOL. Now to enter all you need to do is leave an answer the following question by April 29th at 10:30 pm EST and leave your answer on this post ONLY (please one entry per person):

***What is your favorite childhood memory?***

There also will be Teeny Peeks of the stamps starting the 25th.






The winner being announced on the 29th at 11pm EST so you can go and purchase in peace on the 30th!!!

So I hope you are excited :o)
Thanks as Always for your wonderful kindness, support and Friendships :o)
Hearts and Hugs


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*mys * said...

My favorite childhood memory is when my dad made a place in our carden were we could go iceskating :)

Kristie said...

My favorite childhood memory is one I don't remember but my mother tells me every Christmas...I got a Cabbage Patch Kid the first year they came out and I burst into tears because I was so overwhelmed. I still collect them so she relates the story when she gives me a new one :)

Kimberly Hellams said...

My favorite childhood memory is of my first dog. Smoky and he was the best German Sheperd in the world. We did everything together.

PJ said...

One of my favorite childhood memories was when my step-father first met my mom. We lived next door to him and there were five of us kids. He had a motorcycle and asked us if we wanted to go for a ride on his bike. Of course, he had to ask our mother for permission. I got the ride of my life and just about strangled him as we went around the corners. Of course, a year later he became a step-father at age 24 to 5 small children, the oldest being me. I was 10 years old. My parents were married 50 years. My father passed away last year and he was given a 50 bike Harley Davidson motorcylce escort to his graveside. He was also honored by the Veterans of Foreign Wars with a 21 gun salute. He was my step-father for more than 50 years and I never thought of him other than as my DAD!

Lisa F said...

My favorite childhood memory is spending a week every summer at my grandparent's house. We always learned so much with grandma - to cross stitch, make cookies, candy making, etc. Thinking back it makes me miss my grandma even more

linda patti said...

my favorite childhood memory is
trips to Euclid Beach Amusement park. lots of neat rides, and good food. sorry that the park closed.

Melanie H. said...

Hi Susana,
I seem to have lost my first try at a comment so here goes again.

My favorite childhood memory is when I was about 10 and my brother about 7, and my family went tent camping at Diamond Lake. For some fantastic reason, that summer there were frogs all over the place, especially down near the rocky shoreline and water. Big frogs, easily 6 inches head to bottom, some larger. Though brother Mike and I usually argued a lot, we both loved all things nature, and frogs were high up on our favorites list. So, we put up with each other, cooperated in the adventure, and spent the days seeing how many frogs we could find, comparing them in size and looks, kid stuff like that. Much, much fun and time flew by. Family rule was to release all frogs before bedtime. One evening we released the frogs near the tent. The whole family went to bed and to sleep. Some time later, there were these loud noises, "kerplop, kerplop," and two huge frog shadows were halfway up the side of the tent. My dad really freaked and hollared; Mike wet his sleeping bag. By then we figured out the frogs were on the outside, not inside of the tent, and we had a good laugh. To this day, I tease my brother about the time he peed in his sleeping bag 'cause he was afraid the frog was going to "get him." And, as you've probably guessed, Mike and I are the best of friends since we're older.

That was a terrific summer, one of the last ones totally free, before the responsibilities of growing up entered my mind.

Thanks for helping me figure out how to enter your contest. Hadn't thought of "frog summer" in a long time.

P.S. Next time I want to figure out a way to get a picture on here. Do you know how to do that? (LOL)

Melanie H.

Karen W said...

My favorite memory is of going to the Montreal Chistmas parade with my Dad and my older brother. It was so cold! After Santa went by Dad took Tom and I to Murray's for hot chocolate and cookies. When think of this memory, I can feel how old my nose was and the smell of hot chocolate

Janelle said...

I loved riding the carousel as a child. The colorful horses and the music were such an exciting combination!

Jackie C. said...

Thank you for offering this wonderful blog candy!
My favorite childhood memory is definately painting with my dad. We would turn on a painting show (Bob Ross or someone similar) and put our easels right next to the tv. Me with my kid easel, and dad with his makeshift easel, would paint together, trying to mimic the painter on the television. Those memories always stick out in my mind.

Susana M said...

Hearts and Hugs

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