Thursday, January 22, 2009

Paper Piecing...Danni Style

When Suzanne our Design Team leader announced that we'd be doing tutorials, I went ACK! LOL! But after I had time to think about it, I realized that it's okay, it doesn't have to be "perfect" it's just how "I" do something. Cool. LOL!

I decided to show you how I do paper piecing. I remember a few years ago when I had only been stamping a wee bit someone told me that something would look great if I had paper pieced it. Say what? I nodded my head and said, okay thanks. I just brushed it off and thought yeah right, whatever.

Well, fast forward to recently when I discovered the world of blogging and saw all the inspiration out there and guess what, people were paper piecing!!! OHHHH, so that's what that is! It really is a fun way to add a little "wow" to your images.

For my tutorial I'm going to be using Bunnie. Isn't she just too fun?
I thought the best way to show you the extra little "wow" this gives your image is to show you both ways--just colored and then paper pieced.
Both ways start the same way--with a stamped image.

You color the image the way you want for both ways also.
When I paper piece I always color under where the paper is going to go but I know some people don't, just your own personal preference.

For the next step you need to choose what paper you want to use. I chose some gorgeous Laura Ashley Traditonal paper. The pattern I chose has a look to it just like fabric, perfect for Ms. Bunnie's robe.

Once you have your paper you need to stamp your image onto it, if you're just piecing a small section--just stamp that part. (Don't you love the green face? LOL!)

Next you carefully cut out the section you want to piece on. For this example it's the robe. I usually try to cut right on the black line.

After I get the section cut out, I take a black pen and on it's side, or if you have a brush tip, I go around the image to fill in any places that maybe I cut too close--this just gives it a more finished look. (Sorry no photo--couldn't do it and hold the camera at the same time!) I did try to do a before the pen and after....

Next you adhere your sections to your image. I know some people use pop dots to give a bit of dimension, but for this example I just adhered it right to the image.
And that's all there is to it!!
Here's the image just colored-

And then here's the image paper pieced-

And both together--see the extra "wow" factor?

And the finished cards-

I also used fun flock on her cute bunny slippers, and some Oyster Bella Baubles on the flowers.

The possibilities are endless with this technique! We'd love to see your paper pieced creations! Leave a comment with a link so we can check them out!

(whew, I made it through my first tutorial! How'd I do?)


Kimmie0270 said...

Great tutorial!

Susan said...

Great job! I'll have mine up later this morning. I love Bunnie!

Christine Riley said...

Danni, you rock!!!!! This is fantastic, what a great tutorial and your card is wonderful, I love it! :):):)
Hugs, Christine :)

Heather said...


You did a great job on your tutorial, and isn't it intresting how we all have our own way of doing things??? Every way teaches a few new tricks for your magic bag!!!!

You did great!!!


Christi said...

Awesome tutorial Danni!!!

Brandi said...

Terrific tutorial! You rocked it!

Lynn said...

You did a fantastic job on your tutorial Danni!

Anonymous said...

WOOOOOHOOOO!!! What a GREAT first tutorial...Your did great girlfriend!!! I totally understood it the first time around LOL (very unusual for me!)...I love watching your creativity shine and blossom!! I can't wait to see your next one!! Big Hugs!!! Willow

Heather "Hev" said...


Awesome tutorial Danni :) You made it easy to understand and didnt go on for ages - straight to the point and still discriptive!!

Way to go!!!

Kristie said...

WTG Danni!
I actually said WOW out loud when I saw the difference. I really need to remember to try this more often.

Michelle said...

AWESOME JOB!!! Way to go!!

Janna said...

Danni this was awesome! You did a fantstic job!! Paper piecing is one of my favorite things to do to a card!! Wonderful and very helpful!


Cathy said...

Great job Danni! I love to paper piece, it is so fun!!


Cassie said...

Blog Five girl!! This was a great tutorial!! And your bunnie girl turned out great - both ways!!

Kim said...

Danni I absolutely loved your tutorial! It was WONDERFUL and very informative! You did great girl! And you are right the paper piecing really does add that extra WOW factor! Loved it! Great job!
hugs~ Kim

Sarah said...

Fantastic - just had to do one, posting it on my blog on Fri, watching your site now as great clear instructions!...thanks

Anki said...

Way to go Danni with the tutorial! Kram - Anki

Susana M said...

Awesome job totally knocked it out of the ball park :o) You did a great write up and easy to follow. This is one of my FAVVVV techniques!!!
Hearts and Hugs

Lynn said...

Fantastic, Danni!! I've been interested in paper piecing but havent attempted it yet. This will be a giant help!! Thanks a zillion.

jami {sgtStamper} said...

Awesome tutorial Danni!!! I love how paper piecing really lets your coordinate parts of the image with background papers!!
hugs, Jami

marsha said...

Great tutorial Danni! I love paper piecing and you did a fab job explaining it and giving examples.

Karolyn Loncon said...

Great job, Danni! Your instructions are really clear and precise. Anyone could do paper piecing after reading your directions. Thanks so much for your hard work on this and for sharing this technique!!

Jennie said...

Danni, I'm so glad you stepped out of your box long ago and realized what great things you can ROCK!!

Ashley said...

Awesome tutorial!

Lisa said...

Wowzer Dannie! Great tutorial! Very informative and easy to follow! Love the pics you added you can really see the difference!

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